4 benefits of Payroll Tracking

The advancement in the technology especially with the development of Time Clock Genie, an Online Time Clock Software which has made many things easy for the employees working with any firm as well as their managers. This software lets you monitor every change in the track from user account from any cell phone, iPad or other internet devices. It is notable that this software has many features of which one of the most important ones is Time Clock Genie Employee Time Tracking which relieves the managers from the long hectic hours or Payroll calculations and tracking.

Payroll Snap Shots

The payroll processing reports generated by the features of this software is not designed only to help out the managers, but also all the employees get an easy access to their payment and work duration. Meanwhile, the payroll tracking report by this Time Clock Genie Employee Time Tracking system is made for the managers the employees get the benefit of getting a Payroll Snap Shot of the same which would help them to keep track of their performance as well in a weekly view or an accumulative view of the same.

Payroll processing reports made quicker

A department wise report of individual employees is generated on demand with respect to their duration of work throughout a particular time period. The Gross pay, Overtime, mileage and other reimbursements too are calculated automatically saving a lot of time.

Section-wise Reports

The managers no longer have to worry about having difficulty in keeping track with the number of departments of their firm. This software will separately make reports for employees of their respective sections based on their performances.

Reliability and Accuracy

The payroll tracking feature of Time Clock Genie is extremely accurate as well as reliable as long as the data entered by the individuals are correct. However, even if a mistake happens options are available which would indicate the mistake and also a message of the current payroll getting invalid is generated to users. In the case of a mistake, the payroll process is made all over again automatically and payroll is generated as per the corrected information.