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Blake Golding Toronto – a well known personality

It is fact that people get popular due to the work that they do and it is for the people that they serve for. One of the names that are very popular all over the world is the Blake Golding. He is the colonel that serves for the Canada army and he is also the chairman of many charities that are in Canada. One of the company that is running is the many ways to serve is very popular and this company is for raising finds and all these funds are given to those men and women that is service the Canadian forces and their families.

He is doing the work that is very hard but he is honorable man that is also having the Blake Goldring Toronto charity that helps people that are in need. He is well educated and has done his BA in economics from the Toronto University. He has done master of business administration from INSEAD in France and if the chairman of AGF management limited. He is doing numerous of work like he is the member of the Canadian film center, C.D. Howe institute and Toronto Symphony Orchestra. This honorable person is also the member of the World Presidents’ Organization (WPO). He does the work that is always appreciated. In his past years he was also the vice president of investment funds institute of Canada and today he is the member of IFCI Ad Hoc strategic research committee.

Colonel Blake is one of the popular colonels that are taking good care about people and for that he has opened many charities and his own charity that is many ways to serve is also running very well that is collecting the funds for the people that are sieving to the force and their families. On the internet you are getting all the information about this honorable man and if you like to meet him then you can visit his own website and you can take the appointment from his website.