Maid Agency Fee Singapore

The Maid Agency Fee Singapore


Thereis an increase in the demands of maid agencies services likewashing, cleaning, ironing, folding clothes, gardening, driving, and others in the countryof Singapore. Observing the interests of thecitizens, the government is cooperating with all  3 stakeholders regarding this matter. There are certain rules governing the employers, the home maid agencies and for maids who renders the job.  When one is looking for home maid, many questions are birthed in the mind of the employer. These questions are not farfetched from the maid agency fee, the rules of the agencies and their mode of operation. These and many more is nothing to worry about as the search maid is available to answer all the questions going through mind.

Why Maid Agencies?

Looking for a reliable maid that suits your taste is not an easy task in Singapore, especially with the numerous employers and independent search. These media always lead to fraud and disappointment on the long run. Nevertheless, there still help maid agencies as alternatives who does not only meet the  need of the people but are legalized and regulated to render this service. With these alternatives, registration of maids to different agencies is done with ease and getting employed is convenient.

operation of Maid Agencies

The mode of operation of Maid Agencies

There are different necessary registration process by the employer and the maid. The operation of home maid agencies in Singapore isbased on the law implied by the Ministry of Man Power. Without being legalized, a maid agency won’t operate in Singapore. Nevertheless any licensed maid agency that breach any of the conditions governing it’s operations will get the license terminated under certain conditions. Also, any maid agency that has lower than 12 dermit points will loss all the points after 12 months. License given to any maid agency is also cancelled when there is a serious allegation against it.

Why Maid Agencies Charge?

The general fee charges of maid agencies are mostly varied and based on the level of experience, the country of origin, and the kind of service to be performed.  There is also an inclusion of government fee.