Getting Started With The Game Of Golf

Many people love to watch the game of golf but they have no idea on how to get started. Golf is indeed an amazing game and you can enjoy it playing alone or in company. You will notice that with the passage of time more and more people are taking interest in the game of golf. Jimmy Khezrie knows a lot about golf and he says that with the aid of some easy tips you can become the master of the game in no time!

Learn the fundamentals well…

Like all sports, it is very important for beginners of golf to become experts in the fundamentals of the game. They have to be skilled and experienced in order to play the game well. There are some important fundamental elements of the game that you must be well versed in and they are grip, stance, posture and the position of the ball.

When it comes to the game of golf, you will find that there are three grips that you should make use of.  The first is the interlocking grip that is generally used by the pro at the game, the baseball grip and the overlapping grip. If you are a beginner, it is suggested that newcomers should start with the baseball grip as this is the easiest grip for you to get started with. In order to grip the golf club correctly, you should lay it across your fingers so that it ends at your palm. You must fold your hand on the top so that you can hold it tight and secure. You then should structure a V with your thumb and fore-finger. This V should point between your head and shoulder. Once you place your right hand on the golf club, you should do the same make the V parallel to the other hand.

Golf player at the putting green hitting ball into a hole

When you are focusing on your stance, it needs to be shoulder wide for all the shots however it can be made narrow for the wedges. This allows your swing to be flawless. This is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind. The position of the ball depends upon the club that you are using. For short irons and wedges, you would want the ball to stand at the centre of the stance. For the long and mid irons, you would want the ball to be a little forward. For woods, it needs to be aligned along with your left foot.

When you are focusing on the posture, it has to be comfortable. The posture needs to be athletic as well. If you take a look at Tiger Woods, you will get an example. You should bend at the hips and feel like you are sitting on a chair. These are simple tips that you can keep in mind. The game of golf is an enjoyable one and Jimmy Khezrie suggests that it is wise to take up some golf lessons so that you can become a master of the game quickly. Practice obviously will make you perfect!