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Awareness stands out as the best precautionary tool against cardiac arrest

In today’s era of modern science and technology, in this 21st century where children rather than rushing to the playgrounds and grabbing a cricket bat and ball prefer to sit in their air conditioned apartments and get engrossed in those play station computer games and the adults have got so busy with their day to day life that they hardly get any time to look after their health, heart health has become a major concern. Unfortunately all that people today care about is looking slim and toned but does looking slim really mean that a person is healthy?

Well this misconception prevails among various adults and youngsters of today’s world which is very efficiently corrected and also given a new dimension by the awareness programs by Michael Telvi New York.

 “Cardiological Arrest” as defined in medical terms is a state when the heart of a human being stops beating and there is no evident pulse found. So in case one suffers from such kind of heart disorders and ailments it becomes important for the patient as well as the family to start taking heed of all that leads to such a condition and the ways and means of preventing such emergencies in future. This is where the articles and blogs published by Telvi can create magic for the person suffering from such a serious ailment.

Apart from creating awareness programs on cardiac arrest, Michael Telvi New York also provides assistance to various medical organizations and hospitals that specialize in cardio logical disorder treatments and among them The American Heart Association and Children’s Most Cancers Modern society are the ones that have received substantial aids from Mr. Telvi.


Mr. Telvi;s awareness programs are such that they drive engagement and promote two way communication. His suggestions and posts are so put forth in such a way that readers are bound to appreciate and agree with all that he says.

Cardiac arrest is such an emergency that it can strike anybody and at any moment, and this primarily the reason why the cardiac arrest awareness programs by Michael Telvi New York put special emphasis on management of such emergencies. Whenever there is such an emergency people around the patient should call 911, make way for the patient to breathe freely and if need be even resurrect the patient with the help of CPR.

Mr. Telvi has been very successful in reaching out to the masses with his awareness programs and has now become a living brand in New York, United States. People in the U.S.A are now very fascinated and excited to know about Michael Telvi and the latest developments in the field of cardiac arrest awareness that is coming up with.

In today’s world of increased health risks, Michael Telvi has contributed to the society in a huge way with the help of various products and services offered by him along with the charity donations to the hospitals and medical trusts dealing with patients of heart ailments.