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Heterocyclic steroid- Stanozolol and its uses

There are a lot of steroids that are famous among the bodybuilders and athletes. There are steroids that help improve the strengths and weight of the sports people tremendously. Stanozolol is a very popular heterocyclic steroid in the fitness industry. Several bodybuilders resort to Stanozolol because of its effects in improving the lean muscle mass. It falls under the category of anabolic steroids.

The others who are known to use these steroids are athletes and other sports people. When taken in the right proportions, Stanozolol has been found to show great results. Commercially Stanozolol is available as Winstrol. This has been doing rounds in the sports and bodybuilding industry for quite a long time. It has retained its popularity due to its proven effectiveness in comparison with its other commercially available counterparts.And it has gained a lot of media coverage owing to the fact that it is opt in the list of the popular steroids taken by a lot of sports people who have been the center of steroid-related scandals.

Why do athletes and bodybuilders choose Stanozolol?

The main reason that athletes go for Stanozolol is because it helps them gain their much-needed strength without adding to any unnecessary weight gain. By improving their lean mass, it also makes the athletes stronger and faster in very less time.

Bodybuilders prefer Stanozolol mainly just to work on their lean muscles without the risk of too much water retention. But Stanozolol is not entirely a bulking steroid. It doesn’t help in significantly adding to the weight of the bodybuilder. However, this steroid has great effects when used along with other bulking steroids.Stanozolol is a heterocyclic steroid that helps in improving the effectiveness of the other steroids.

Possible side effects of Winstrol:

Like every other steroid, Stanozolol too comes with its own side effects. There are several critics that condemn the use of Winstrol stating that it is not safe in a lot of aspects. Few associated side effects commonly stated for this steroid are:

  • Retention of bad cholesterol possibly leading to cardiovascular issues in the long run
  • The strain this steroid can cause on the liver
  • Due to its androgenic properties, this steroid might have some virilization effects in women

In comparison with several other commercially available steroids, Stanozolol, however,need not essentially be classified in the dangerous steroid category. One should also remember the fact that most of the side effects of this steroid are aggravated by several other additional factors and lifestyle habits.