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Killing Depression- The Stepping Stones for a Healthier Future

For the psychologists and doctors who deal with behavioral problems, it is quite common for them to come across people who claim to be depressed, but the most amazing fact is, they don’t realize that there are people who are even in a worse condition than them. For instance, the most common thing that every teenager sometime or the other complain that they’re depressed either because of their low grade, or may be because they’ve had a breakup recently. On the other hand, there are a few who claim themselves to be depressed, but do not know the reason behind it. All that they feel is they don’t find the enthusiasm to work any longer or maybe even to stay alive.

According to Curtis Cripe, the neuro engineer and behavioral medicine specialist, who has already spent 40 years of his life dealing these conditions, has got to say that there are different levels of depression among the patients, and hence the mode of treatments also differ as well. He has already dealt with multiple conditions of the brain and found out which particular portion stops working under such circumstances and how they could be made to work. He has already designed programs to help overcome brain based dysfunctions such as traumatic brain injuries, addiction recovery and neuro-developmental delays.


One of the most popular terms in the field of psychology is cognitive behavioral therapy which according to the experts help the depressed patients develop some thinking skills which is in sharp contrast to what they generally think, or their thought process undergo while they go though the depression phase.

For instance, if the depressed patients are under the feeling that there’s no point in working since it would result to nothing, then he will be trained to think that how productive is activities can be, and what are the positive outcomes of the activities. One common thing that is found in all the depressed patients is, they find nothing good in this world, and that creates a negative vibe all around. The main course of this cognitive therapy is to bring back faith and positivity among the patients.

According to some the studies, it has been proved that such CBT doesn’t work in multiple cases, like that of the teenagers. The reason behind this being them facing different stressors that the adults. They are in that complicated phase of their life where everything is new to them, where they want to be both adults and children at the same time. For them, their biggest enemy is themselves.

Hence doctors like Curtis Cripe have been dedicatedly working to bring them back their youth. He has already received multiple recognition for the effort that he has put for the better of the young society- some of them being the Golden Key International Honour Society-Academic Achievement and has also been appointed as the Speaker of the Alaska Brain Injury Conference held in 2014. It is the doctors like him, who show the entire young society the healthy path to a better future.