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Know About Alopecia Totalis And Get The Right Treatment In Time

It’s your habit to look into mirror once before going out and generally you splash water on your face and arrange your hairs.Hairs are treasure which one reaps and irrigates throughout life. In a way, they determine your beauty and are your key to hatch the best match. But what if these hairs start falling one by one and eventually are totally lost one day? That’s scary, right?But actually you should be aware that there is a disease called alopecia totalis, sitting and wiating eagerly to engulf your hairs.

What is alopecia totalis?

Today as the environment is extremely polluted, its not a subject of wonder if a chronic disease hatches you. One of these diseases is alopecia totalis which is more dangerous than alopecia areata. In alopecia areata, hairs are lost from scalp in round patches, but in alopecia totalis, there can be total hair loss and the person may become bald like moon with and his or her head will become extermely smooth and hairless. In the former disease only baldness around the scalp creates problems, but in the latter trouble, whole of the head is renderd hairless and becomes subject of fun.

Symptoms of Alopecia Totalis

The disease, termed as alopecia totalis is primarily a skin disease, which when increases makes the victim bald. First symptom is the occurrence of hairloss in small patces, which is also called alopecia areta. The loss of hair in patches does not stop until the whole head becomes deviod of hairs.

The loss of hairs begins suddenly and occurs rapidly and till you decide about taking action, your head is as clear as crystal. If you are suffering from alopecia totalis, then you may be suffering from pitted and brittle nails.

What are the causes of aloecia totalis?

Scientists and researchers have not found any concrete reason behind aloecia totalis, apart form the speculated notion of weak immune system. Hereditary factors may also be responsible but are not agreed upon by everyone.

Be aware about alopecia totalis and take possible precaution to protect yourself.