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Controversies in Stem Cell Research That Acts as a Hindrance

It was the year 1998, when the stem cells first hit the limelight, when the researchers had first reported that they’ve successfully identified and isolated the embryonic stem cells in humans. These cells, which have been isolated from the embryos that were several days old, could theoretically be converted and differentiated into any of cells in the human body- be it the blood cells, brain cells or the muscle cells. This was in true sense a landmark in the field of scientific research and the doctors could look up for a day when these cells could be used to repair the damaged cells due to diseases or extensive blood loss. But as its pros, it did hold few cons as well, and these debated topics actually brought out the fuss.

Alexander Potoczak, who’s been researching on the stem cells in laboratories and universities for years, believe that controversy wouldn’t have started if the acknowledged fact of the embryonic cells coming from the embryos call for the scientists to destroy the embryos in order to harvest them came to light. Multiple pro-life and religious groups came up with concepts that these embryos were the representatives of the human life and soul, and processing those means actually murdering human lives. So nowadays, the doctors look forward to the fertility clinics and the abortion centers where the aborted fetuses are the sole source of these embryos.


Apart from these there are multiple stem cell research issues that never allow the researchers to have their peace of mind and concentrate on their research work. There are multiple questions that they come across while indulging in any kind of research work.

  • Does morally stem cell research should be pursued just because it can be done?
  • How far should one progress with the stem cell research?
  • By whom should such researches be regulated and how?
  • What should be the role of the government in such research works?

In order to sort this out, the government and the researchers need to take active participation in this controversy. But for the consumers, it’s all about getting the benefits without getting involved in it. Apart from the stem cell research of the embryos, the scientists have also indulged in producing the blood stem cells in the adults. Each of the individual bodies has the capability to make its own stem cell in order to repair and rebuild the damaged parts. So while one might not get the opportunity to use the embryonic cells, they can make use of their own to replicate and substitute it.

The stem cells in the bodies of every individual can produce thirty different types of growth factors and tissue chemicals and they enable other local systems to focus on the repair work that carries on. Such immunity modulation programs do find the active role of these stem cells and involves extensive research work to know in details. Dedicated researchers like Alexander Potoczak has been working on such grounds for years and it’s not just recognition that drives him to do so, it’s the urge to help the entire mankind that’s the sole driving force in him.