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How Do Cyber Criminals Exploit Technology to Serve their Purpose?

The new wave of technologies actually have brought the entire world online, and in true sense anything and everything can be done with just few clicks on the mouse. Be it the transaction of money, or communicating some distant relatives, it gets done within few seconds. But as technology has helped the good guys, similarly, even the bad guys have been equally helped by this same technology. They’ve all received fancy names in the dictionary- hackers, spammers, scammers, phishers and many more- but their objective is all same. Why do they get such opportunities to misuse the technology? While finding as answer to it, experts have found that it is the unawareness of the common people that has actually helped the criminals to dupe them.

In few of the Brent Allsup arrest essays, one will be shocked with the different ways the criminals have used the technology as their niche. So it’s time to know what are some of the means by which technology is being used by these criminals.

Broadband is one common thing that has found its presence in almost 70 percent of households, and its list of advantages is lengthy- high speed, low cost, and most importantly, there’s no need to log onto the ISP every time one wants to access the Internet. But these same advantages have been used by the hackers to do away with their job. Having a computer connected with the internet allows it widely accessible with the hackers to steal any data, misuse them and crash them at will. And the high speed technologies in the market takes it hardly few seconds to download a malicious file in the machine.


The earlier computers had floppy drives within, but now, with a slow yet steady progress, they have been replaced by the CD and DVD drives, the card readers and the USB drives. Although they’ve made it really accessible, the criminals find it really useful to carry on their discrepancies. If they do not find physical access to any computer machine, they use these removable media to copy the files from the source and delete them directly.

The Web is hardly a new technology in the 21st century, but still is a hot favorite among the cyber criminals. The reason being very simple, anyone who uses the Internet has to get connected with the Web. Earlier, the Web pages were text based and browsing on them were much safer, but nowadays, they run programs like JavaScript’s and the Active X control to enrich the multimedia experience. The experience has definitely been enriched, but what gets lagged is the security. Most of the cyber criminals are highly educated and they know the drill of running the malicious programs on the targeted computers.

Now after reading through multiple such Brent Allsup arrest stories where the details of these crimes are noted down, one might think of disconnecting from the global network, and erase their presence from the Web completely. But that’s not what one is supposed to. Rather they should become more aware of it, and carry on constant vigilance against anything cyber that’s going around. Criminals do leave their mistakes behind. It’s time for the tech-experts to scratch their grey cells and sort out the entire chaos.