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Misconceptions that Embarks the Sense of Irrationality in Cosmology

The concept of modern day cosmology has come across a long way and there are multiple drifts which have shattered the beliefs on which the entire study of the discipline sustained. The cosmologists have kept on divulging one mystery after another regarding the formation of the Universe and how the Big Bang theory happened. Everyone believed them and there was complete synchronization of what was being said and what people was made to believe.

With the dawn of the modern cosmological studies and advancement in the scientific instruments, these beliefs were questioned one by one and almost none of them could stand strong in front of them. Ram Chary, who is a renowned cosmologist of the 21st century says, that these apprehensions and misconception about the Cosmology, might have made the work easier for the astronomers and the scientists, but is a great hindrance to the essence of knowledge and truth. These misconceptions must be discarded for the progress of scientific studies and he states some of them.

He says that according to some of the cosmologists, the Space is under a continuous expanding process along with all the matter and Energy of the Universe. Hence according to them, the entire mankind finds an expanding Universe over the decades. This according to the modern day cosmologists is mere farce. They believe that the fact of universal expansion of the Universe is truth, but it is expanding through an already existing and static space. The driving force of the expansion of the matter and energy through existing space is the energy of the Big Bang itself. According to the cosmologist of the twentieth century, part and parcels of the concept of expanding space is indeed the concept of inflation, which happened either before or after the Big Bang theory.


Again, there’s another concept that runs handy with some of the cosmologists- the absence of centre within the Universe, where the Big Bang happened actually. The modern day cosmologists have come up with suggestions that question the relevance of a natural event creating time and space. Science says that space is nothing, complete vacuum where everything including the energy is termed as the quantum jitters. If Big Bang did not create the dimensions of time and space then it is to be taken into consideration that they existed much before the occurrence of the big Bang. Hence, while the Big Bang happened, it had to have some co-ordinates in both the time and spatial frame. The Universe has been given the co-ordinates to know where to place the telescope. So if this is possible, then why the co-ordinates of the Big Bang can’t be traced and pointed out with the help of telescopes.

These relevant questions have made the grounds a bit shaky for the cosmological beliefs that persisted. Scientists like Ram Chary and many more believe that there’s no wrong in believing, but it makes sense in believing something that has rationality. Humanity having claimed themselves the most superior of all races and lives that exist in the Universe must bear that responsibility till their last breath.