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What things cannot or should be done on Facebook

There are some actions that you should take into account so as not to do them when you use Facebook since in that case, they could harm you. Today we are going to discuss about these important points in this article. Visit this link for convertpanda.com – download fb video.

Share excessively personal information

First of all, do not post compromising photos or videos, those you can regret later. Do not publicly share addresses or dates of vacations and trips … Remember that the friends of others, if you know where you live, could be on the lookout.

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Also, if you are actively looking for employment and your Curriculum Vitae is in the hands of recruiters, you should not add content where you are consuming alcohol, drugs or you are seen in very compromised situations.

Set very weak passwords

To avoid hacking, you should not choose a password that is too obvious or too simple to guess.

As it happens in almost all Internet platforms, the recommendation of online security experts is that they combine letters (in upper and lower case), numbers and special characters.

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Take care of what you share privately

It is also not recommended to publish private messages with data such as your phone number, bank account number, email, and so on.

Making good use of Facebook allows you to enjoy everything that is good without suffering negative effects.

Insulting or threatening the integrity of another person

Similarly, as you can imagine, in case you insult other users and they feel intimidated by you, it can be a reason enough for them to report you to the platform.

Therefore, this platform will assess your request and may eventually eliminate your Facebook account or have it suspended for a period of time.

I hope that thanks to this article, you have finally discovered what Facebook is and the main functionalities that make it an ideal platform to share news, photos, videos and, in general, all kinds of playful content with our friends and family.

In this way, we are permanently in contact with all those people who, in a certain way, cannot be in permanent physical contact.

And as with other platforms, after knowing this social network in more detail, remember to be respectful with other users and not breach the rules of good behavior. In this way, you can enjoy it to the fullest.