Things to consider before taking a Polygraph exam

While polygraph exams are becoming popular everywhere, more and more facilities are entering its market. With so many services available, frauds and scams have also made their way. This gives them an easy way to earn money by fooling the population.

In light of this popularity, it is important for you as a customer to know what are the things you must consider before undertaking any such service.

Points to remember

1- 100% accurate

People who claim that their results are 100% accurate are lying through their teeth. Even scientists haven’t deemed the lie detector as completely accurate due to the human element involved. So be wary of those who try to convince you with complete accuracy.

2- Qualified professional

Know that the professional involved is one of the most vital parts of the polygraph testing. It ultimately comes down to your practitioner to give you the best results drawn from the polygraph so make sure that you hire a qualified professional

3- A Systematic procedure

The polygraph testing is a systematic procedure that flows through several phases. It typically involves a pre-test phase, questioning phase, and post-test phase. Most procedures are time-consuming and take several hours to complete. So, if your facility is just gliding through the whole thing, know that they are not good enough.

4- Standard

It is always a good idea to perform a little research before actually hiring a service. Get to know whether the equipment they have is standard as well as their staff. In addition, learn about the standard cost of the procedure and what you would expect if you got a test done. Pick out the most reputable facilities in your area as they are bound to be better than others.

As with any service, it is always important to be vigilant. In the end, always remember that a lie detector is a machine and can give false results. So use your better judgment and hire a good service for best results.